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Wednesday Sept. 13, 2015
Biff Isn't a Real Person, says the comedian who played him, Tom Wilson

Strangers say "I hate you" to Tom Wilson at barbecues, because they were so greatly impacted by his legendary portrayal of Biff in "Back to the Future." The twist: Wilson was bullied as a kid; then he portrayed film's most iconic comic bully; and ever since then he's had one stranger after another bully him verbally. Wilson is quite funny and deep in this fascinating conversation about Los Angeles, the small mean Internet, Back to the Future, his work for Nickelodeon, and his book "The Masked Man: A Memoir and Fantasy of Hollywood."

Monday, Sept. 21, 2015
Jami Rodman, ex-prostitute and madam 

Sept. 19, 2015
Brad Garrett Living Room Show

Big, tall Brad Garrett gives us a private stand-up gig, more or less, from his living room couch, where I interviewed him, thumped his coffee table like a drum, and laughed at jokes about Donald Trump, Obama, Bernie Sanders, butts, colons, running, Fargo, love, health, fat, reflux, plastic and oh yes, Terry Fator.

Sept. 11, 2015
Our Favorite Books with Geoff Schumacher

What kinds of books might political conservatives write better than liberals? What's the deal with fantasy novels? What are the best Vegas mob books? Here are answers from Geoff Schumacher, writer, editor, publisher, and now content director of the Mob Museum.

Aug. 23, 2015
THE NEWS — Adam Kealoha Causey and I have a conversation about contemporary news thoughts

Aug. 22, 2015
LSU Alums * Me and Adam Kealoha Causey

Aug. 21, 2015
PAULY D * Life in Vegas

Aug. 20, 2015
BEER! Cicerone Sarah Johnson tries improving Vegas' luxury beer market

Tony Macklin returns to talk Hitchcock and John Wayne

Aug. 7, 2015
Elvis TCB by Justin Shandor

July 25, 2015
Film critic Tony Macklin @Ronald's Donuts (Cold open)

The Chef Who Almost Died From Eating (@ChefHKeller)

Dayna Roselli (@DaynaRoselli) on her cheerleading catastrophe, her surprise Bill Clinton interview, and never getting nervous when helicopters she was in cut out and began twirling to the Earth!

Doug in Brock's Backyard (@brockradke)

Marijuana/Jason Sturtsman

Best Restaurants in Vegas with Heidi Knapp Rinella (Safe for work)

Doug's Mystic Mona Reading (June 6, 2015)

Elfman & The Miss Asian Las Vegas pageant (@anniechangevans) 

Elfman Exit Interviews Martin Stein (@dfw_martin)

Elfman Reviews Mad Max with Ched (@ched777)

Elfman & Figler Go to the Movies

Elfman & Tim Tucker see Mariah

Episode 19: Elfman goes Solar with John W Miller of Summerlin Energy

Episode 18: Elfman And Ched Hash It Out (@ched777)

Episode 17: Michael Grimm (@Michael_grimm)

Episode 16: Lisa Marie +Paul Johnson

Episode 15: Hollywood Publicist with Todd Margoluis

Episode 14: The Conversation (@CarolSCling)

Episode 13: The Director Tim Anderson (@TimLAnderson)

Episode 12: How to be the American Dream with Michelle Alejandra Booth (@mboothmania)

Episode 11: Rashomon with Dave Berns

Episode 10: Taxicab Confessions

Episode 9: Beth & Ginger

Episode 8: Me Talking To Me Talking To You

Episode 7: The King of Topless Comedy (@SeanECooper)

Episode 6: Liberal vs Conservative Mike Koolidge

Episode 5: Growing Up Vegas (Jason Nelson,

Episode 4: World's Greatest Writer (@VegasAnonymous with the

Episode 3: The Dayvid Figler

Episode 2: The Pornographer (@leeroymyers)

Episode 1: The Poet Who Knew Bukowski (Lee Mallory)

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