I Know What I Have and I'm Grateful

You can buy my new novel — "I Know What I Have and I'm Grateful" — at Amazon by clicking here. It's the Southern/rural life story of Josie, Daddy, Mom, Dre, Sun, Fiona, Valencia and Dr. Richard Emery. The official pitch goes like this:
"I Know What I Have and I'm Grateful" is a soulfully written, fictional autobiography of Josie Patrick. She's a small-town girl who learns of death early in life, leading her on a revelatory (and quotable) path of romantic self-discovery with men and women.
Josie will love her father forever, while sometimes clashing with her mother, as she journeys through the joys and heartaches of love, loss, and a relationship with alcohol, from childhood through womanhood and beyond.
Award-winning writer Doug Elfman allows Josie's story to breath organic and authentic twists and turns in this first-person, easy-flowing narrative.

I made sure the novel is priced at the populist price of $3.99, because I'm a man of the people. I swear it. I also made sure it's available through Amazon's Kindle Select program (KDP Select) so if you're already paying for KDP, you can read the book that way.
My goal isn't to make a billion dollars. My goal is to write books you and I want to read.
If you love the book as others do, please share your experiences with everyone you know by lending it to them, or sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else you like to explore life.
And do me a favor. At some point during your day, say out loud to yourself, to the people you love, your pets, and the universe:
"I know what I have, and I'm grateful."
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