Thursday, July 16, 2015

Even Those Who Remember the Past Are Doomed to Repeat It

Austerity is the idea that bad dogs and accidentally bad dogs alike should be equally starved indefinitely to train them to behave as masters dictate.
As every history teacher in the world will tell you, following World War I, Germany was financially fined with punishing austerity to the extent that austerity created a humiliating depression in Germany, an atmosphere allowing for the rise of Hitler and a world war killing another 50 million people. Austerity ushered Hitler to the stage.
And now here is Germany, reunified, repeating the sins of the past on rival Greece, bringer of Democracy and philosophy.
The supposed value of knowing history is wielding the wisdom not to recycle mistakes. And if anyone knows history, it’s Germans, and if anyone should fear austerity, it’s Germany. Yet, here is Germany, humiliating and over-punishing Greece for being in debt after the Shadow Depression which hobbled us all.
Once again, we’re reminded of the very deepest lesson of history — mortal humans, suffering wills too weak to cool embers, are doomed to repeat tragic disasters regardless of wisdom and good intentions, due to the fog of our own catholicized philosophies and principals, obscuring our ability to nurture ourselves and each other rationality, eye to eye, for the betterment of all, including blind masters who command but cannot hear.
Humanity is a slow learner.
Is there no hope for a merciful evolution of our bloody incisors?
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